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Whether you wish to study an international or Danish program, you have plenty of options in Roskilde or the rest of Denmark.

Once you have completed upper secondary education, you can undertake a program of higher education in Roskilde or at another educational institution in Denmark.

In Roskilde, three higher education institutions have international programs:

If you wish to study in Denmark as an exchange student you must already be enrolled at a higher education institution at home before applying. Contact your own educational institution for more information about exchange programs.

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Questions and answers

  • Do I have to pay for tuition?

    You will not have to pay for tuition if you

    • are a student from the EU/EEA and Switzerland
    • have a permanent residence permit
    • are an accompanying child of a non-EU/EEA parent who has a permanent residence permit based on employment
    • are participation in an exchange program

    In other cases you will have to pay an annual tuition that normally range from 6,000 to 16,000 Euro.

  • Are there any admission rules?

  • Can I apply for Danish State Educational Support?

    The Danish State Educational Support (SU) is generally only awarded to Danish students who are residents. There are some exceptions, however, when you as an international student are entitled to SU. In this case, you must apply for equal status in so far as the state educational support is concerned.

    Read more about the special conditions from the Danish Education Support Agency

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