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Spare time activities

  • Billede af unge der spiller fodbold

    Children in Roskilde playing soccer.

Roskilde offers a rich social and recreational life that includes music, theatre, cinema, art, museums and sports as well as a wide range of associations and international networks.

In Roskilde you will find many clubs and associations that offer all kinds of activities for you as a child or an adult to enjoy in your spare time. As an active member of a club or association, you are able to meet new people with common interests, form friendships, and expand your network. Everyone living in Denmark can join a club or an association.

Furthermore, Roskilde is surrounded by one of Denmark's most beautiful sceneries and provides many opportunities for enjoying nature and an active physical life. On top of that, town life is as cosy and familiar as it gets. Strolling down the pedestrian area of Roskilde on a Saturday, your opportunities of shopping, ice-cream eating or relaxing at a café are plenty.

Questions and answers

  • Where can I meet other internationals in Roskilde?

    Both Roskilde and the rest of Denmark have several international networks for you to join and international events where you can meet other internationals and Danes.

    In Roskilde, the Facebook group 'Internationals in Roskilde' arranges a get-together first Thursday of every month, often at Gimle Café. Everyone is welcome.

    Visit Internationals in Roskilde at Facebook

    Roskilde Library arranges expat dinners approximately every second month. Keep an eye out for invitations at Roskilde Library.

    See more at the webpage of Roskilde Library

    Wybra is an open network which facilitates meetings between people who do not necessarily know each other, but live in the same area and have the same interests. It can also be used to find Danes in your local area and connect through a common interest or activity in an informal way.

    Read more about Wybra

  • How do I find and join a club or association?

    Roskilde has many clubs and associations that offer all kinds of activities for you as a child or an adult to enjoy your spare time. As an active member of a club or association, you are able to meet new people with common interests, form friendships, and expand your network. Everyone living in Denmark can join a club or an association.

    Search for associations of your interest at Kulturbasen and contact them directly

    In addition, your local library can provide you with a list of clubs and societies in your local area.

  • What can I do at the library?

    Roskilde Library is - like any other Danish public library - both educational and for leisure. It is free to use and for all, regardless of residency or nationality. Membership is free and open to all, both families and children. At the library you will find highly qualified employees ready to help you in any matter.

    Roskilde Library offers a large collection of Danish and English books, audio books, comics and more as well as materials in other languages. Here you also have online acces to professional databases and more than 2200 newspapers from 97 countries. You can download movies, music, e-books and audiobooks as well as use free WiFi everywhere at the library.

    Children are most welcome. In the children's section there's room to play and a large collection aof Danish and English picture books, easily read novels for young people and a smaller collection of children's books in other languages. The library often throw events for children such as movies, theatre or concerts. A study café can be found in the children's section every Wednesday for children from 0 - 9th grade.

    Roskilde's main library is situated in the centre of the city, close to the train station. Smaller libraries can be found in Gadstrup, Gundsømagle, Jyllinge, Viby and Ågerup.

    To get at library membership, bring ID such as either the yellow health card, passport or driving license for adults, and the yellow health card for children. Please contact one of the employees at the information desk and ask for membership.

    See adresses and more information about Roskilde Libraries

  • What activities are there for my child or adolescent?

    In Roskilde, children and young people have a wide range of activities to choose from in their spare time such as sports, music or creative subjects. Participation in leisure activities may be a good way to meet new people.

    Some activities for children are in connection with after-school centres, SFO’s or recreational clubs. If you want to know more about after-school offers, please see Arrive with children.

    Roskilde Youth School

    Roskilde Youth School (Roskilde Ungdomsskole) is a youth school for children aged 14 to 18. Youth schools are a way of supplementing school education in your free time. Enrolment is voluntary and tuition is free. Youth schools are open in the afternoon and evening, and here it is possible to take academic and creative subjects such as music, photography and ceramics, learn about IT and receive instruction on how to ride a moped. Many schools organise parties on Fridays.

    Read more about Roskilde Youth School here

    Roskilde Musical School

    Roskilde Musical School (Roskilde Musiske Skole) consists of a visual arts school and a school of music. Every child in the age of 0-24 living in Roskilde can be admitted to the Musical School under the condition that it can be done within the school's economical framework.

    Read more information about Roskilde Musical School here

    Gimle for børn

    Gimle for børn (Gimle for children) is an association that every Sunday from September to May arranges children’s events such as concerts and creative events at the café Gimle.

    Gimle for børn


    See a map of all playgrounds in the municipality. You can also see a map over playgrounds in the Roskilde LIVE app.

    Roskilde Wildparty

    Roskilde Wildparty – or simply WP4000 – is a youth party for young people aged 14-17. The parties are arranged by a group of young people and the after-school clubs in Roskilde Municipality.

    Join the group Roskilde Wildparty at Facebook for more information

  • How do I find volunteer work?

    In Roskilde Municipality you have many opportunities to engage in volunteer work. Volunteer work can be a great way to meet new people while playing an active part in the local community and doing good for others at the same time.

    To join a volunteer association, go to the digital Volunteer Work database called Frivilligjob. Here you can search with specific criteria, such as municipality and type of work.

    You can also contact Roskilde Volunteer Center (Frivilligcenter Roskilde). They are the platform and center of voluntary work in Roskilde, and they work strategically to create the best possible framework for voluntary initiatives. They can help provide contact between you and the right association.

    Search for a volunteer work at Frivilligjob

    Contact Roskilde Volunteer Centre at telephone 21 16 90 26 or at

  • Where do I find a swimming bath?

    Roskilde has five swimming baths:

    Find contact information about Roskilde’s swimming associations for lectures in swimming

  • How do I find nature spots?

    The public has access to the farmland and nature areas, in some places by systems of paths. Roskilde Fjord is used for several kinds of sailing, and here you can also see original and reconstructed Viking ships at the Viking Ship Museum.

    Roskilde offers numerous opportunities to explore the countryside. At your local Citizen’s Service centre, the library or at Roskilde Tourist Information you can get more information about natural areas, walking routes, biking routes, or outdoor fitness.
    With Friluftsguiden you can get inspiration for walking, hiking and biking in Roskilde and all of Zealand. All local routes are registered, and you can also search for dog forests, overnight shelters or relics of the past. Friluftsguiden is offered in Danish, English and German.

    Find inspiration for your next nature walk

  • Tourist information

    You can read more about tourist attractions, museums, eating places and more at VisitRoskilde


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