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  • Pupils at Sankt Josef International School

    Pupils at Sankt Josef International School

Municipal primary and lower secondary schools in Denmark are free.

Public schools comprise the public schooling option provided to all children from 6-16 years of age.

Private schools are an alternative to municipal schools. Private schools are financed through public subsidy and parent fees. To enrol at private schools parents must apply directly to the individual school.

Roskilde has both municipal and private school including an international school.

Children that move to Roskilde Municipality and don’t speak or understand sufficient danish to benefit from the teaching are referred to a reception class to receive basic danish teaching.

Questions and answers

  • How do I enrol my child at school?

    Children are entitled to enrolment in the school that is closest to your residence in the municipality where the family resides. It is often possible to select a different school in the municipality or a school in a neighbouring municipality.

    To enrol your child, please contact the school administration at Roskilde Municipality at any time for help and advice regarding your options.

  • Is there an international school in Roskilde?

    Yes! Skt. Josef’s- Roskilde International School.

    Skt. Josef’s has both an International and Danish department. The international section provides quality education to expats and returning Danes that wish for thir children to continue their international schooling. The teaching is based on the highly respected Cambridge International Curriculum, which is used in more than 160 countries around the world which ensuring children have continuity with their education.

    Students may start school at 5 years old (one year earlier than the Danish system) in the Year 1 class and can continue to the completion of the IGCSE exams in Year 11. 

    Skt. Josef’s
    Roskilde International School
    Frederiksborgvej 10
    4000 Roskilde
    Tel. +45 46 35 25 26

  • What if my child doesn't know Danish?

    If your child doesn't know much or any Danish, he or she will be referred to a reception class.

    The purpose of the teaching in a reception class is to give your child the necessary language conditions to follow classes in a normal Danish class. The teaching is planned according to the individual pupil’s needs. After 3 months your child will gradually take part in a normal class, and after a maximum of 2 years your child will be fully integrated in a normal Danish class. This will happen with recommendation from the teachers in the reception class and in collaboration with the parents and a bilingual consultant.

    Before starting in a reception class, parents and child are invited to a start-up conversation with a bilingual consultant from Roskilde Municipality. An interpreter will be present at the conversation, if needed. You will also be able to visit the school before the beginning of lessons.

    When you want to register your child to a reception class, or if you have any questions regarding reception classes, please contact a bilingual consultant at the Municipal School Department at 46 31 41 30 or at

    Young people that are between 15 and 25 years are referred to the language school CLAVIS that offers a special class called 11th Class for young bilinguals.

  • Can my child receive native language courses?

    Roskilde Municipality offers native language courses for bilingual pupils in classes 0-9, provided that a minimum of 12 students are enrolled in mother-tongue teaching in any given language and that a qualified teacher can be assigned to the class.

    If possible, the native language courses will be placed on the pupil's own school following the student's regular school hours. If this is not possible according to pupil numbers or other reasons, the students will be referred to another school in the municipality.

    For more information, please contact a bilingual consultant at the Municipal School Department at 46 31 41 30 or at

  • What happens when the school day is over?

    When the school day is over, childcare is offered through an after-school care programme at the school or an after-school care centre. Other organised after-school activities are also offered for children. These are the after-school childcare possibilities:

    • SFO (0-3rd grade): After-school program associated with the municipal or private schools. Offers a wide range of creative and social activities for children. Every child from kindergarten class to 3rd class are automatically offered enrolment in the school's affiliated SFO.
    • Club (4th-7th grade): A recreational club that offers varying activities, typically including music, theatre, film, computers, sports, nature and outdoor activities. It is a voluntary offer and opens after school ends, typically from 11.30 am - 5 pm.
    • Evening and youth club (8th grade and up): A recreational club for young people age 13 to 17. It is free to attend the club, but you must pay when taking part in activities.

    The Municipal School Department can provide information on the after-school programs for children, as well as on enrolment and prices.


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