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Danish Education

  • Picture of Danish language course participants at CLAVIS

    Danish language course participants at CLAVIS language school

Foreign citizens who has moved to Roskilde and reached the age of 18 are in most cases able to receive Danish Education via the municipality.

How to receive Danish Education?

If you are a refugee, family reunification from outside the EU / EEA and Switzerland or are self-supporting during an integration program, you will automatically be offered Danish Education as a part of your integration process.

I you have arrived to Roskilde Municipality as:

  • Work taker
  • Student
  • Spouse
  • Border commuters from EU/EØS country
  • Au pair

You must contact Roskilde Municipality to sign up for the Danish Education.

You can also choose to contact a language center. In Roskilde it is CLAVIS sprog og kompetence who offers Danish Education. You can contact CLAVIS by phone: 41 73 81 00 or email:

Find more information about CLAVIS and the Danish Education

Who can participate?

To participate in the Danish Education, you must:

  • Be above 18 years
  • Live in Denmark
  • Have a CPR number

Once you have chosen the language center where you want to receive tuition, you must contact Integration, Roskilde Municipality or the language center to be enrolled.

It is not necessary to have any knowledge of the Danish language before the program begins.

Reference to Danish Education

If you are a self-supporting resident (foreign worker, student, etc.), you can receive tuition for up to 3.5 years within a 5-years period.

If you have moved directly to Roskilde from abroad, you have received a referral letter from the municipality, which activates your Danish Education period - whether you use the offer or not. Once you have received your referral letter, you have 30 days to contact a language center or the municipality.

You are free to choose between language centers throughout Denmark. Please find the different language centers.

What is the price for learning Danish?

If you are a self-supporting resident (foreign worker, student, etc.), you will be charged a deposit of 1,250 DKK and a user fee of 2,000 DKK per module.

Payment of user fee and deposit do not apply for au pairs and foreigners under the integration program.

Module unit card

Foreign workers and students receives a Module Unit Card which consists of six units. Regardless of level, you have one unit per module to complete the program. Students who, at the start of the program, are placed at a higher module than module 1, will only receive the number of units that correspond to the remaining modules on the Danish Programme.

Each unit is time-rated with your education right up to 3½ years, corresponding to a maximum of 42 months. The Module Unit Card has a total validity period of 5 years.

Questions and answers

  • Levels of tuition

    The tuition at the language centers is offered at three different levels, each level consists of six modules. You will be placed on the level and module that fits the number of years of schooling you have and to your qualifications. The three programs and modules vary in length.

  • When can I receive tuition?

    You can receive tuition during the day, in the evening and in weekends. Some language centers also offer online tuition. You can also receive tuition at your workplace or educational institution if there is an agreement between the workplace or the educational institution.

  • What if I get ill for a longer period?

    If you are prevented from participating in the tuition for a long period due to illness, you must immediately apply for an extension of your period of Danish education.

    If you do not apply for an extension, you are not entitled to one. When you apply for the extension you must document the disease course at Integration.


  • What if I wish to pause my Danish Education?

    The Module Unit Card allows you to take breaks during your course. For example, in connection with intensive periods of work, study abroad, illness or maternity leave. The breaks can also be held after you have passed a module test and before you start a new module.

    However, you need to notify the language center - otherwise you will automatically use the next unit on your Module Unit Card when a new module begins.

  • Refund of deposit

    If you wish to have your deposit refunded, you must make a request to the language school where you are enrolled.

    The deposit will be refunded to you when you:

    1. Pass the module test at the module you are referred to
    2. Pass the final exam for the Danish Education
    3. Are no longer eligible to free Danish lessons, or
    4. Wish to terminate your Danish Education

    The payment of your deposit may take up to 30 days after your request has been received.


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