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Health care for children

Children are covered by the health insurance system together with their mother or father until they reach the age of 15 and are insured independently of their parents.

Like adults, children also need to register and get a health insurance card. When registering, you get to choose a general practitioner (GP)  You can choose the same GP for all family members if you wish to.

Visiting your GP is free for both adults and children, as is hospitalisation. All children in Denmark are entitled to free dental health care from the age of 0 to 18. Adults over 18 years old must find their own private dentist and pay some of the cost.

Questions and answers

  • What examinations are available to my child?

    From the age of five weeks to 15 years, your child will be given nine preventive health examinations by the GP. The first seven will take place before the child begins school the last two when the child begins and leaves school.

    The examination follows a fixed programme. The purpose is to monitor your child's well-being and development. In this way you and your GP can determine whether your child has any problems and take action where necessary.

    You must make an appointment with your GP for the first seven examinations.

  • What vaccinations can I get for my child?

    All children can be vaccinated against a number of diseases. The vaccinations are free. It is your GP who vaccinates your child. This may take place at the same time as your child receives a normal health examination. Ask your GP about the vaccination programme for children.

    If you need special vaccinations in connection with travel abroad, you must pay for these yourself.

  • How does dental care for children work?

    All children in Denmark are entitled to free dental health care from the age of 0 to 18. They attend regular dental check-ups. Here, they learn how to look after their teeth, and their teeth are treated and adjusted where necessary.

    Roskilde Municipality have several municipal dental clinics that are affiliated to schools. They are all administered by Tandplejen. Children are automatically registered at birth or when moving to the municipality.

    It is a good idea for parents to accompany children to the dentist's while the children are small. If the child requires major treatment, the parents will first be consulted.

    Visit Tandplejen's (dental clinic) webpage


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