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Roskilde is a popular place to live, so finding accommodation can be an effort. The best advice is to start looking right away, preferably before you arrive.

When looking for a place to live in or near Roskilde, there are many things you can do. First of all, many websites offer rooms, apartments and houses for sale and rent. You can check the ads in the daily newspapers, local papers or special housing newspapers. You can also place an ad stating that you are looking for accommodation. Ask family, friends and acquaintances. Put a notice on the board at the local supermarkets. 

You can also check out the Facebook group Internationals in Roskilde - Housing where housing options get posted regularly.

The following websites offer public housing. Besides public housing, you can search for housing on private housing search sites.

Questions and answers

  • How do I read my tenancy agreement?

    If you need help to understand your tenancy agreement or if you need legal counselling in any legal matter, you can get free legal aid from Roskilde Jurist.

    You can also get free legal aid at Roskilde Library every Wednesday 5 pm – 6.30 pm.

    It’s recommended to be there early as only a certain amount of tickets are available.

  • What do I need to remember when moving within Denmark?

    You must inform the authorities of your new Danish address not later than 5 days after you have moved. This can be done online at with NemID. If you need any help you can call your local Citizen Service Center or get help to fill it in at the centre. Remember to bring your NemID. It is also possible to change your GP at the same time.

    You will have to inform the postal service, PostDanmark, of your relocation. This can be done online with NemID. Remember to do so 5 days earlier than you would like to have your mail forwarded to your new address. PostDanmark will forward your mail directly to the new address, even if it is sent to your old address.

    Inform to the authorities of your relocation with NemID

    Inform PostDanmark of your relocation with NemID

  • What about heat, water and electricity?

    Don't forget to check heat, water and electricity from time to time and when you move.

    Your home is equipped with meters that record your consumption. You can read the meters yourself. Reporting meters can often be done online or by phone.

    The necessary information – customer number and recipient number - is marked on your bill.

  • How do I manage my household waste?

    Your household waste is collected every week. If you rent your home, waste handling is included in the monthly rent. If you own your home, you pay an annual fee to your municipality.


    Most bottles bought in Denmark are part of the Danish deposit and return system. These bottles can be returned at any supermarket and you will receive your deposit. Bottles and glass that are not part of the Danish deposit and return system can be recycled by disposing them in the green glass recycling stations that are placed at different locations around the city.

    It is also possible to recycle paper and newspapers. If you live in a house you will have a paper container at your disposal that is emptied every 6 weeks. If you live in a multi-storied building you will have acces to a shared paper container.

    When recycling card, such as cardboard and egg cartons, you will have to fold it up and recycle it in one of the designated containers that are normally placed next to the glass containers.

    Bulky waste

    Bulky waste is large household items that cannot be handled together with general household waste – such as furniture, bikes or broken fridges. You may deliver your bulky items at a local recycling center.

    Recycling centres

    In the municipality of Roskilde there are three local recycling centres administered by ARGO:

    • Roskilde Genbrugsplads Vestre Hedevej 32, 4000 Roskilde. Opening hours: All week 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Closed on 24, 25, 31 December and 1 January.
    • Jyllinge Genbrugsplads Brohaven 2, 4040 Jyllinge. Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. ­– 5 p.m. Closed on 24, 25, 31 December and 1 January.
    • Viby Genbrugsplads Vestergade 25 B, 4130 Viby. Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday  9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Closed on 24, 25, 31 December and 1 January.

    At the recycling centres you can dispose of all kinds of waste except household garbage. Ask the staff for help in order to use the right containers for your waste.

    Read more about how to use the recycle centre at the webpage of KARA/NOVEREN.

    For more information about waste, recycling, garden or bulky waste, please contact Affald og Genbrug (the Municipal Waste and Recycle department) at or call them at 46 31 36 21

  • Do I need to register my TV or other appliances?

    The Media Licence is an appliance fee, set by Parliament. The collection of the licence fee is handled by DR Licens. In Denmark you are legally obligated to register with DR Licens when you are of legal age (18 years old). You need to register, within 14 days of procurement, whether you own, lease, or borrow your appliances. The Media License covers appliances such as TV sets, video or DVD recorders, computers with internet access, and mobile phones and similar electronic devices that also work as a television or radio receiver. A license covers all appliances in the household, including its car, boat, and summer residence.

    Read more about Media Licence or call DR Licens at (+45) 70 20 13 13

  • Am I eligible for housing benefits?

    If your residence is rented, you will in some circumstances be able to apply for housing benefits from the municipality. The right to housing benefits depends on a number of conditions, for example how much you pay in rent, how many children and adults live there, and what the total income is for the family.

    Please note, that only EU/EEA citizens are eligible for housing benefits. Non-EU/EEA citizens that apply for housing benefits may risk their residence permit being revoked. If in any doubt, please contact your local Citizen Service Centre.


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