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Different kinds of housing

When moving to Roskilde, you have several options of housing types to match your specific need.

Most foreign workers choose to rent housing, especially if their stay in Denmark is for a shorter time. Depending on financial circumstances and the length of your stay, it is also possible to own your housing, or own a share of it.

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  • Renting

    If you wish to rent a room, apartment or house in Denmark, obtaining a tenancy agreement is recommended. A tenancy agreement outlines some of the rights and obligations the tenant and landlord have in relation to each other, including the total rent and requirements relating to the condition of the leased property when moving in and vacating the property.

    The law does not require a tenancy agreement in writing for private rentals, but it is always a good idea to obtain one regardless.

    If the landlord will not provide a tenancy agreement in writing, you should pose critical questions as to why. A tenancy agreement in writing is required by law for all subletting's.

    Furthermore, it is normal to pay both a deposit and a payment equal to three months' rent prior to or upon commencement of the tenancy agreement.

    More information about understanding your tenancy agreement

  • Cooperative housing

    A cooperative dwelling consists of one or more houses or one or more flats owned and administered by a cooperative housing association.

    The cooperative housing society owns the property. When you buy a share of the property, you gain the right of use to a part of the property owned by the association. In addition to the share, you must also pay rent to the housing association.

    As a cooperative member, you automatically become a member of the housing society. As a cooperative housing member you have the right to participate in and vote at the society's annual meeting. At the annual meeting, the members decide what rules shall apply within the association. The annual meeting also decides when and how the building is to be maintained and improved.

    It is possible to rent an apartment from a tenant or a cooperative housing member. This is known as "subletting" and is allowed for a period of two years. Or longer, if the owner or the rules allow it.

  • Student residences

    A student residence houses many students with each student having his or her own room. Usually, each room has its own toilet and bathroom, while residents share the kitchen and living room. Student residences are often cheaper than other rental properties.

    RIU Roskilde is the central portal that lists almost every student residence in Roskilde. You can apply online for free.

    Look for a student residence in Roskilde at the webpage of RIU Roskilde

    More information about student residences in general

  • Owner-occupied housing

    If you are staying in Denmark for a longer period, you may consider buying a property. In some circumstances you must obtain permission to do so from the Ministry of Justice. It is a good idea to use a lawyer. This will ensure that your interests are safeguarded.

    The prices vary greatly, especially in relation to location. Twenty kilometres can make a huge difference in the price of housing.

    In Denmark it is normal that buyers take out a housing loan from a mortgage credit institution. Mortgage credit institutions offer loans based on collateral in the house/apartment. You can typically borrow up to 80 percent of the property value and the loan can be paid back over a period of up to 30 years. You must pay tax on the value of your property.

  • Building associations

    You can put your name down on a building association waiting list. Boligselskabet Sjælland administer most housing organizations in Roskilde. You can put your name down on the waiting list at the prize of DKK 100 per year. At their website you will also find a guide on non profit housing in English.

    Read more about Boligselskabet Sjælland


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