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  • Children in childcare

    Children in childcare

In Roskilde Municipality, you have several options as to how you want your child looked after during the day.

When having your child taken care of during the day, these are the specific options:

  • Day care (age 0-3): Your child is taken care of together with a few other children by a child-minder in his or her own home. In Danish: Dagpleje.
  • Nursery (age 0-3): Your child is taken care of by educated nursery teachers and nursery assistants. In Danish: Vuggestue.
  • Kindergarten (age 3-6): Your child is taken care of by educated kindergarten teachers and kindergarten assistants. In Danish: Børnehave.
  • Day care centre (age 0-6): Combined nursery and kindergarten. Your child is taken care of by educated nursery and kindergarten teachers and assistants. Most of the childcare institutions in Roskilde are day care centres. In Danish: Børnehus or integreret institution.

Roskilde Municipality also offers various options if you want your child to be cared for at home by yourself. Ask at your local Citizen Service Centre.

Questions and answers

  • How do I apply?

    You must contact Roskilde Citizen Service Centre in order to enrol your child. The Citizen Service Centre must receive your application for a place within 8 weeks after the baby is born. If you are moving to Roskilde with your child, you will need to apply for a place within 3 months before you need it.

    At the online service Digital Pladsanvisning you can also apply digitally and keep track of your child’s position on the waiting list. You will need NemID.

    You are always welcome to visit several childcare institutions before deciding where you would like to enrol your child. Call and make an appointment so that you are sure that personnel have time to talk to you and give you a tour of the institution.

    Log on to Digital Pladsanvisning

  • How long does it take to get a place?

    Roskilde Municipality has a childcare guarantee. That means that you are secured a place at a childcare institution from the time your child is 26 weeks.

    The guarantee is valid for the entire territory of the municipality, which means that if you have a specific institution in mind for your child, you might have to wait longer.

  • What does it cost?

    You must pay some of the cost of the child’s care in the institution. The cost is influenced on what type of childcare it is, and if meals are provided or not. Your local Citizen Service Centre can provide you with information about the current rates for the care of children and young people in Roskilde Municipality.

    You can see the current rates her (in danish).

  • What alternative options are there?

    If you wish to have your child in private day care or hire a private nanny, the Roskilde Municipality can offer you a grant. You can also get a grant if you wish to take care of your own child instead of enrolling your child in childcare.

    Please ask the Citizen Service Centre for more information.

  • What if my child needs help to learn Danish?

    If your child needs it, it can be given special help to learn Danish from the age of three. A special language expert will assess whether your child requires language stimulation.


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