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  • Picture of Danish language course participants at CLAVIS

    Danish language course participants at CLAVIS language school

In Denmark, you have the right to free Danish courses that will help you improve your language skills and cultural knowledge.

Most Danes speak English quite well. Nevertheless, being able to speak some Danish will benefit you at your workplace, your study place or in social life.

You have the right to free Danish language courses during your first 3 years in the country if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • You have a Danish CPR-number and you are listed at the National Register (Folkeregister)
  • You have a residence permit in Denmark
  • You are an EU border commuter

If you do not meet the above mentioned requirements you can choose to pay for your tuition yourself.

Questions and answers

  • How do I sign up for a language course?

    Roskilde Municipality refers new students to Danish language courses. To get a referral, please contact Roskilde Jobcenter, where you can also get answers to other questions about Danish language courses.

    If you are employed or self-supporting, you can also contact the language school directly. In Roskilde, it is the language school CLAVIS that offers Danish language courses.

    When CLAVIS has received the referral, they will invite you for a sign up and level placement interview. At the interview, they will find the type of course which best matches your language level.

    If you work outside the Roskilde area and want to receive lessons in Danish close to your work or home, CLAVIS also offers courses in Greve and Lyngby.

    Go to the webpage of CLAVIS language school in Roskilde

    See a complete list of language centres in Denmark.

  • When and where do the courses take place?

    The courses are flexible and effective. CLAVIS offers morning, afternoon and evening classes. Courses are given at CLAVIS Roskilde, at companies all over greater Copenhagen and for foreign students and employees at Roskilde University and Risø DTU. You are able to take online courses as either an alternative or a supplement to their traditional classes.

    Through CLAVIS’ cooperation with major international companies in greater Copenhagen, they also offer intensive Danish courses for their employees and spouses. Most of these courses are held at the companies.

  • What courses can I choose from?

    Danish education 1, 2 and 3

    The courses are divided into 3 levels – Danish education 1, 2 and 3. Danish education 1 is for students who cannot read or write in their own language. Danish education 2 is for students with short educational background and who had not learned foreign languages before.

    Danish education 3 requires a minimum of 12 years of schooling and is for foreigners who may speak one or more foreign languages besides their native language. At Danish education 3, you are expected to be a quick learner of Danish as a second language. You will be able to navigate in the Danish society, and to work or study at an institution for higher education in Denmark. Danish education 3 can be concluded with Danish 3 examination/PD3. It is possible to use PD3 examination for application for Danish citizenship.


    Intro Danish – learn Danish fast and efficiently

    Intro Danish is a free Danish course organized for employees and cross border commuters who have entered the Danish work market within the past 12 months, and who have an employment contract. This course serves as a quick introduction to the Danish language with a key focus on job related Danish.


    Private classes in Danish and CLAVIS International

    You can also contact CLAVIS directly for tailor made, individual courses in Danish – or for courses in foreign languages taught by native speakers through English by CLAVIS International.
    CLAVIS International offers intensive courses in foreign languages and intercultural competencies to companies and individuals. Courses are typically offered as either private lessons or for groups of up to 4 participants.

    Read more about the courses at CLAVIS' webpage


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